The department of Ophthalmology has the our experts to treat all kind of eye related issues ranging from lowest level to highest level by examine the eye to other conditions of the eye and surrounding.


Services offered

The department of Ophthalmology at MBMM has world class facilities and trained medical personnel who provide treatments for various issues and afflictions that plague the eye. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art operation theatres and advanced eye care equipment. Patients can avail treatment for a number of eye issues, ranging from a routine eye check-up to more complex procedures like squint surgery and oculopastic surgery.

Facilities & Equipments

. Routine eye check-up
. Slit lamp exam
. Gonioscopy
. Direct and indirect Ophthalmoscopy
. A/B scan
. Keratometry
. Lacrimal sac surgery (external)
. Chalazion / Stye Surgery
. Conjunctival and Corneal FB removal