The hospital boasts of highly skilled group of doctors who use latest technologies for medical and surgical care for people with conditions affecting nose, ear, throat head and neck region.


Services offered

ENT department at MBMM offers comprehensive care for all disorders related to the ear, nose, throat, head and neck region, in patients of all ages. The department is run by professional group of doctors, nurses and Para-medics dedicated towards offering the latest treatment options to patients.

Facilities & Equipments

· Otology, Neuro Otology & Skull base surgeries
. CSOM Surgeries, Ossiculoplasties, cavity obliterations
. Stapedectomy
. Endolymphatic sac surgeries
. Labyrinthectomy and trans labyrinthine approaches
. Facial nerve surgeries including decompression and grafting
. Temporal Bone resections
· Rhinology & Endoscopy Surgeries
. Anterior Skull base approach
. CSF leak repair – endoscopic / osteo plastic front al sinus approach
. All Microlaryngeal with Thyroplasties, injection laryngoplasties.