The Causality Department has been designed to enhance every aspect of the patient-centered care experience. The clinical area features the latest technologies in health care to complement our world-class emergency doctors, nurses, and other health care providers.


Services offered

Causality one of the main departments of MBMM If any emergencies and disasters happen without warning and treatment can’t wait. The doctors, paramedics and nurses in the Emergency Department of MBMM swing into action to provide prompt and swift medical attention to contain the injuries, stabilize traumatized patients and save lives. We have 500bedded ultra-modern resuscitation bay with dedicated team of experts specialized in trauma care, external cardiac massage and artificial respiration. The 24-bedded fully equipped Emergency department of MBMM is well prepared to handle all kind of emergencies and disasters.

Facilities & Equipments

. Specialized toxicology and snake bite treatment centre with Poison Information Unit
. Decontamination room for toxicology
. Emergency operation theatre
. Negative pressure isolation room
. Mobile ICU- MBMM has four ALS & 1 Bike ambulances handled by trained staff. . . The emergency medicine resident is given adequate exposure in the transfer and transport of patients from the field and between hospitals
. 4 State-of-the-art Mobile ICUs, with trained emergency physicians and paramedics for excellent pre hospital care
. 22 bedded fully equipped emergency department with prioritized care
. 4 bedded ultra-modern resuscitation bay
. Point of care Ultrasonography